Kaba-Kabavillage is also known as a village that has many interesting stories, from its historical stories to its present stories. Rata will help you to uncover the stories one by one. You may familiar with UbudPalace or PeliatanPalace. However, in Kaba-Kaba, they also have a palace called Kaba-KabaPalace. Inside KabaKabaPalace, there are plenty of historical relics and buildings that will take you back to the past. Your curiosity will rise when exploring this village. There are 8 spots that you need to investigate to know how Balinese people are in their daily life naturally. You will meet many local peoples and get along with them.

Tour Start at 09.00 From Hotel - Return To Hotel Arround 14.00

Highlight Activity

  • Cycling around the village and involved with local people daily activities and explore 8 local spots with hidden stories.
  • Learn all about rice field and its traditional irrigation system
  • Get to know deeply about balineseculture, such as pre-rice plant ceremony or balinesecertification for new building.
  • Take a look at Kaba-kabapalace and find out various types historical relic of Kaba-kaba Kingdom
  • Gain an understanding of kastasystem and balinesesociety during the tour.
  • Acquire knowledge on how traditional metal weapon called Kerisis made.
  • Get in touch with local people in naturally.