Route : Senggigi / Mataram - Suranadi - Perama Docking - Kalong Island - Satonda - Kilo Beach - Komodo Island - Pink Beach - Labuan Bajo - Rinca Island - Pass Through Manta Point - Gili Laba - Moyo Island - Keramat Island - Lombok

A great adventure offered by Perama Travel Club to explore Lombok, Sumbawa Coast, and to see the dragons in heritage. Starts from Lombok explore the beauty of Sumbawa coast with its beautiful small islands including the well-known Komodo Island to Labuan Bajo in Flores. On the way back visit Rinca, Moyo, and Keramat Island then the program ends in Lombok.

We leave Perama Senggigi office at 09.00 and do a short stop at Perama Mataram to meet other participants.



an eco-green tourism park in Suranadi, Lombok. Located in West Lombok Regency, with beautiful view of rice field surrounded by lush green protected forest. With a beautiful botanical collection of exotic plants and flowers, the park offers an unforgettable view and experience. Through this park, Perama also aim to help Suranadi Village in becoming a self-sustain tourism village. Therefore Perama join hand in hand with the local community to achieve the goal, a better future for all. By joining this program you will also participating in the social program (part of Perama Center Corporate Social Responsibility) as 20% of corporate profit goes it.


This traditional boat docking was built in 1990. It is located about 1 km to the west of Kayangan harbor and occupies a land area of 1.5 hectares. The area belongs to Kayangan village and is bordered by Kampung Baru and Kampung Padak. Kampung Baru is an area inhabited by the Bugis ethnic while Kampung Padak is by the Sasak people. Since its establishment the docking has produced a number of boats of varying degrees of sizes. Most of the boats take from Bugis Phinisi styles. The boat making process uses traditional machinery with only a few modern tools where today the traditional machine collected as a museum to remind the evolution of the tools that carpenter used for making boat.

Kampung Baru and Kampung Padak are also part of Perama social bussines development program, to drive the villages in becoming a tourism destination by preserving the environment and raisen the welfare of society through a non-formal activities such as providing volleyball and futsal courts and a public library.

At 13.00 Welcome on PERAMA Boat. We invite you for having lunch while we start sailing to the island. It takes around 2,5 hours to reach the island.


a small island located on the north of Sumbawa Coast. The island has a scratched of white sandy beach, and calm sea water. We will be here around 16.30, a perfect time for snorkeling and swimming. Or playing volley ball in the beach. Takes 15 minutes trekking up to the hill, passing through savanna, where you may see the whole island and the view of Lombok Island with its highest mountain, Mt Rinjani. Beautiful sunset view closing your day. Dinner will be served in the beach. Enjoy the evening till the time for overnight sailing to Satonda Island.


At 07.00 AM arrive in Satonda Island – a ring-shaped small island with a lake inside it, laying down on the northern tip of Sumbawa Island. After breakfast, go ashore for sightseeing around the island and swimming on the salt water lake of Satonda Island.Apart from its unique topography, Satonda is also shrouded in mystery and myths. Satonda is a roundish island with a relatively huge lake nearby, creating an illusion that the island is a ring. The island is believed to be an ancient volcano that rises from the depth of the ocean. It makes the water tasted salty, not fresh water as other lakes. There is also a myth about Pohon Harapan (Hope Tree). Some say that any wish would be granted if you pray under the tree and then hang whatever you have in its branches. The lake is very pretty and while there are no fish in it, you are allowed to swim and can get in via a small platform that sits by the water’s edge. There is also footpath to the hill for the viewpoint. It offers a pretty decent view over the beach.



Is a pretty shoreline on the northern part of the mainland Sumbawa Island. After long hours sailing, it is a nice spot for short break.

For fun, Get to the top of the boat and jump off to the sea. It will be a great fun and excited. You can easily swim to the beach too. Beach walking or just relax laying down on the beach are other activities you may do while waiting the sun goes down.

In the meantime, beach bonfire will be prepared including roasted sweet corn as your snack.

At 19.00 Dinner will be served on board. At 21.00 we leave KILO for night sailing to Komodo Island.


Komodo Island – the main highlight of the program. Breakfast onboard, then go ashore for HUNTING KOMODO by CAMERA.

The island is particularly notable as the habitat of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on Earth. Komodo is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of islands and forms part of the Komodo National Park. The park’s terrain is uniquely diverse, consisting of a mountainous hillside, tropical rain forests, grass-woodland savannah, and pristine white sandy beaches that harbor rich marine biodiversity. The marine environment in the Komodo National Park is one of the world’s richest in flora and fauna and is still relatively undiscovered.  The dragons are identified by their massive size, flat heads, bowed legs, long thick tails, and fork-shaped tongues.

Aside from the magnificent Komodo Dragon, The Komodo National Park is the habitat of various other land and sea creatures. Visitors can witness these intriguing animals roaming freely in their natural outdoor settings. The other fauna such as snakes, various frogs, the Timor deer, horses, water buffalos, wild boars, the endemic Rinca rat, fruit bats, the orange footed scrub fowl and over 40 species of birds.


A natural wonder of nature, this exceptional beach if famous due to its breathtaking pink colored beach sand. 

The beach gets its striking color from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs, then it mix with the white sands to produces a soft pink color that is visible along the shoreline. The corals of the Pink Beach’s underwater gardens are in excellent condition, with hundreds of species of both soft and hard corals, and thousands of species of fish. Pink Beach is a terrific choice for snorkeling as even the shallow waters are home to an abundance of species to keep you more than entertained. The panoramic views of the luscious green hills, pristine turquoise waters, luminous pink sand, and azure blue skies will surely take your breath away.

Later we serve lunch on board then sail to Labuan Bajo.


It was only a small fishing site that today has flourished to become the gateway to many exotic destinations in East Nusa Tenggara. We will be in Labuan Bajo in the afternoon.

You may have time to enjoy Labuan Bajo town on your own. The town is quite small and can easily be traversed on foot (in 10–15 minutes). There are various interesting places nearby the harbor. You may also use motor taxi or rental motor bike to go further, to the one of the famous hills in town. From the hills you can enjoy the perfect panorama above the harbor, countless coastal island with their white sand and beautiful sunset view.



At 18.00 to 18.30 you need to return get on board for joining the Dinner Party with all participants.

The Party prepared by the crew boat to bring great memories for all of participants and crew who have been traveled for the last 3 days. We serve great meals, full music entertained by the crew and share our great moments together. We also invite the new participants who join the trip starts from Labuan Bajo.

At 23.00 is our time to say good bye with all participants who end their trip in Labuan Bajo. It’s our time to take a good night sleep for next day adventures.  


At 06.00 you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise view from the boat. Breakfast on board then off on an adventure to the land of the dragon the Rinca Island.

Nestled between Sumbawa and Flores, the islands of Komodo and Rinca are the main components of Unesco-recognised Komodo National Park, The main difference compare to the Komodo Island, it is more natural here on Rinca. In terms of landscape, Rinca Island is quite similar to Komodo Island. It features beautiful beaches and some hills. Rinca occupies only 123 square miles, miserably hot and usually dry. Rinca is the perfect home for exotic and dangerous wildlife, such as Sunda deer, wild buffalo, wild boar, the macaque monkey, wild horses and snakes. Dense forest gives way to grassy fields and a few scattered watering holes where the Komodo dragons hunt for prey. The population is denser and there is less cover for the dragons to shelter under. It’s said that the dragons are bigger on Komodo, but sightings the komodo dragons in natural environment on Rinca are pretty much guaranteed.

In Rinca, you may find a Komodo Statue. The height is about 3 meters and it is located near to the dock gate. Once you enter the main gate, you can see some wild Komodos nearby.


Now it’s time to leave the area of Komodo National Park. We will sail through Sumbawa strait. Before saying goodbye to the national park, we will pass through Manta Point. In a good weather and sea condition, we could see the Mantas from distance. We won’t stop here. We only pass through the area with slow speed, giving you an opportunity to see the beautiful big Manta. You can spot them all year round but the best time to see them in ballet is during the rainy season when you can sometimes literally speak of schooling Manta rays


A beautiful small island near the main island Komodo. Gili Laba is an uninhabited island located one hour away from Komodo Island.
As you arrived you will be greeted with a picture perfect beach with white & clean sand and crystal clear water. But what makes this island famous is the view, a one-of-a kind view of the Flores sea and it islands from the top of its hill..
After enjoying the view for around 1,5 hours, get back onboard and sail to Moyo Island


at 08.00 arrive in Moyo Island. After breakfast, get ashore to explore the moyo island and seek for the hidden waterfall.

The island is located on just outside the north coast of Sumbawa Island. It is the home to magnificent waterfalls, lush greenery and endless savannah. The main object on this island is the waterfall. We will visit Diwu Mbai Waterfall which is located in the midst of a small forest and on a hill. That means you should undergo a short trekking in order to reach the location. In terms of size, the waterfall is considered small. Also, the water discharge is not quite strong. Below the waterfall, a comfy and refreshing natural pond resides. The depth is suitable for both children and adults, so it is considered safe for both taking a bath and swimming. The best thing is this waterfall giving you a unique experience. You may climb the waterfall and jump off to the pond.  You may even hang on the tree roots or vines first before plunging to the pond as a TARZAN. 

Then we leave Moyo, have lunch on board while sailing westward to Keramat Island.


It is an uninhabited island and one of the favored tourism area in Sumbawa which has considerable potential as a tourist area with beautiful and unspoiled natural scenery. Turquoise and clear water in its shallows with a white sandy expanse full of flora and fauna will immerse and embrace you. Be brave and jump from the boat. Start to enjoy the natural beauty of the island by swimming or snorkeling from the boat and reach the island. Aside of the beach, the island is also full filled with coconut trees. You may enjoy fresh young coconut, direct from the trees. For fun, you may also try to climb and choose your own young coconut.

This is the last object visited on HUNTING KOMODO BY CAMERA 02 program. We sail back to Labuhan Lombok.

Upon your arrival in Labuan Lombok Harbor, it’s time to say goodbye with all crew members. Thank you for the lovely moments and great experience.

Next destination will be continued by Perama Bus which is ready to drive you back to MATARAM or SENGGIGI.


Please be advised
schedule can be change without any prior notice
due to unforeseen weather circumstance or other safety reason



on Week Days (Mon - Sat entering Komodo and Rinca Island) IDR 855.000/person

on Week End (Sunday or Public Holiday entering Komodo and Rinca Island) IDR 1.005.000/person


  • Camera
  • Sunblock
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Beach and Trekking Shoes
  • Insect Repellant
  • Beach Sarong
  • Flash Light
  • Snorkel + Mask + Fins (if you have)
  • Hat
  • Light Jacket
  • Casual Cloths
  • Long and Short Pants
  • Light Blanket
  • Sun Glassess
  • Raincoat
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Cash Money in IDR (for extra beverages + snacks + entrance fee)
  • Copy of Passport and Travel Insurance