The overdevelopment and the building of hotels and villas in the Ubudarea have contributed to major water shortages. In Pejeng, just 45 minutes north of Ubud, villagers are only able to harvest rice once a year due to the limited supply of water and the ample amount of water needed to grow rice. Many NGOs have been working with the local communities in Pejengto help them convert from rice-growing to organic permaculture. KebunMai is a communitydriven agrotourism project that aims to spread the understanding of organic permaculture to both the local community and global visitors.

Tour Start at 09.00 From Hotel - Return To Hotel Arround 15.00

Highlight Activities

  • have a refreshing and healthy juice as welcome drink
  • Have a tour around the farm and learn how the community build their farming
  • Learn about the organic farming system
  • Plant vegetables or other plants to help the farm to grow
  • Pick up vegetables on your own for the cooking class
  • Discussion with the local community
  • Have a delicious plant-based lunch Cooking Class