Experience the culture and daily life of rural communities in Central Bali. You will engage in a series of activities that include walking through the rice fields, making traditional coffee and coconut oil, raising animals, planting rice, and enjoying Balinese music and dance. A sumptuous Balinese-style lunch will be served to you towards the end of this event. Through these activities, you will receive a thorough introduction to local perspectives and a way of life of Balinese people that is deeply immersed in nature, community, and spirituality.

​​​​​​​Tour starts at 09.00 from hotel - return to hotel around 15.00

Highlight Activities

  • Engage with the local community and learn about Balinese family traditions and life
  • Being welcomed by the family
  • Learn the Balinese compound and Subak System,
  • Trekking through the rice field
  • Learn how to make offering, Balinese traditional cakes,
  • Learn how to cook and taste delicious Balinese satay and sambal
  • Know-how coconut oil and Balinese coffee are made
  • Experience planting and plowing the rice in the rice fields
  • Enjoy Balinese traditional lunch with dance and music