An eco-green tourism sight in Suranadi, Lombok. Located in west Lombok Regency, with beautiful view of Rice field surrounded by lush green protected Forest. It is a Fun and educational sight perfect for all family members.

Through this Park, Perama also aim to help the Suranadi village in becoming a self-sustain tourism village. Therefore Perama join hand in hand with the local community to achieve the goal, a better future for all.

With a beautiful botanical collection of exotic plants and flowers, the park offers an unforgettable view and experience.

The team also available for landscaping consultant & construction to deliver garden excellence and make the customer’s imaginations reality

Jl. Pariwisata No.1 , Dusun Yat Kandel, Suranadi ,Lombok
082339004884 / 081339477474 (Hotline)