Day 1 Airport – Sunset Trip – Hotel

Upon your arrival at Lombok Praya Airport, meet and greet our friendly English speaking driver.

  • Rambitan Village is a traditional village of Sasak indigenous ethnic. The cluster of very simple houses made of wood, bamboo and dry reed leaves roof. The soil floor periodically smeared with cow dung to avoid dust and mosquito. The villagers preserve their own culture. Their unique rice barn with thatch roof is the symbol of Lombok building.


  • Merese Hill, a perfect sunset viewpoint in Kuta Lombok. From the hill you can see the sights Merese Tanjung Aan, enjoying the beauty selurih presented here. The hills are lined up to form a simple layer, wrapped in green color comes from the grass that grows wild on every inch of land.

Drive to Senggigi – checking in at your chosen hotel. One the way stop at local restaurant for your dinner on your own expenses.

Location & Highlights:
  • Architectures
  • Beach
  • Cultural Attractions
  • Sunset
  • Traditional Village

Day 2 Waterfall Trip (L)

  • Benang Stokel and Kelambu Waterfall , Fresh and cool water falls from 20 meter high trough the steep rock face, covered by the variety of vegetation; the moss, forming lush green wall till the raft where lies small valley for bathing. The waterfall consists of several small waterfalls coming out from the trees and cliffs forming a waterfall curtain, around 40 meters high. You can walk under the waterfalls and play hide-and-seek behind the trees.
  • Tetebatu is located quite in the middle of Lombok, about 15 kilometers in linear distance south from the summit of the Mount Rinjani. Tetebatu and the surrounding areas are mainly known for its beautiful farmland, rice fields, spice gardens and the panorama of Mt Rinjani.
  • Handicraft shopping center is a one stop shopping area which has variety of Lombok handicraft, such as hand weaving cloths, bamboo crafts, local food, the famous beautiful pearl of Lombok, etc.

Back to hotel

Location & Highlights:
  • Bathingpool
  • Forrest
  • Natural Surroundings

Day 3 Day Trip – Transfer Out (L)

  • Malimbu is a plateau which is a continuation of Senggigi beach area. In the presence of this plateau stretches of white sand beach which is just as beautiful as other beaches on the island of Lombok.  From the hills Malimbu, landscape offered quite diverse, ranging from the blue coast, crashing waves, the green mountains of Mt Agung, until a row of Gili islands.
  • The islamic Centre Masjid Agung Baiturrahim is the largest mosque on Lombok. It is located in Mataram and was built between 2011 and 2013. The mosque looks truly beautiful with all the minarets and the beautiful colors.
  • Lingsar Temple is considered as a symbol of harmony between Hindu Bali Lombok and Islam Sasak Lombok. Pura Lingsar is not a purely Hindu temple. It represents a blending of the Hindu tradition with Wektu Telu, a religion practiced by the Sasak people, Lombok's natives.

Drive to the airport for your next destination. On the way, we stop at local restaurant for enjoying local food.

Location & Highlights:
  • Architectures
  • Cultural Attractions
  • Natural Surroundings