Brief History

Perama Travel Club was established in 1969 by Mr. Perama and inaugurated by the goverment in 1982. Its establishment is based on the perception, vision and mission, namely to involve, maintain and maximize the existence of all tourist components, proponents, and tourist customers. The universal concept that has become the Club's main concern is increasing the flow of tourist customers and develop tourist destinations. In order to achieve this ideal purpose there should be uniformity and harmony in the minds, the statements, and actions of all the parties involved. For nearly 37 years, since its establishment, Perama has developed from an only land tour provider to a group of companies with a wide range of tourist business activities.

About Perama Travel Club

Perama Travel Club (PTC) is a private and an independent organization, which is characteristically social business.
It means that all the activities that its organizers are social, but the impacts are business.
The main objectives of the club include sales, promotion, and marketing with such activities as creating market, promoting and selling all kinds of tourism products.
Additionally, it also serves as a mediator which mediates between sellers and buyers to meet in a familiar situation based on mutual interests and benefits as well as solid cooperation.

Perama is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality of products and services. A wide array of products are available. The products are divided into three categories:

  1. Perama internal products , all the Club’s activities which can raise the flow of tourists.
  2. Complimentary products, all the Franchise activities which concern the development of tourist destinations.
  3. Outside products, all the Franchise activities which supports all the Club’s business relations (business commission)

All Perama original products are patent and are specially designed to meet the highest quality of products and service, so they can conform to the Club’ favorite motto “fun, science and money". It means all the Perama products and services can result in fun, have scientific accountability and create profit (money).

Perama internal products comprise:

Land activities (shuttle bus, daily tours, Bali - Lombok package tours; Sea Activities (Bali –Lembongan transfers, Senggigi – three Gilis transfers); Land Sea Adventure tours (Bali – Lombok Cruise, Komodo Tours, Explore Flores), and all other products which are characteristically delivering tourists. To the already developed or the developing tourist destinations

Bussines Strategy

In operating its businesses the Club creates Cooperation & Joint/ Integrated promotion by involving all the tourist components. All is implemented in an atmosphere and spirit of brotherhood.

Mission Statement

With a motto: Provide Easiness and safety at a Reasonable Price all for Your Convenience, Perama ensures that every client is well served. Perama has a moral responsibility to create a tourism business atmosphere which runs on right and proper tracks, away of all the possible improper competitions, which not only create losses for the tourist business practitioners but also for the customers.

The companies mission is to increase the customers’ degree of satisfaction through fast, good, professional and qualified service. To support this mission the company holds a continuous and sustained training and education to all its staff. Indeed, it is through human resource development that the quality of service can be achieved.

In implementing the mission, we have a commitment to give an excellent quality of service for the customers.