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Terunyan Wall Village Tour 

Schedule : 08.00 am 

Tour Duration: 1.5 hours (plus hot springs option)

Terunyan is a Balinese village (banjar) located on the eastern shore of Lake Batur, a caldera lake in Bangli Regency, central Bali, Indonesia. Take a traditional boat and admire the scenery and realize that across the lake you are in a different world. You will see skeletons, and corpes of the locals who dead and buried above ground for centuries. You will get a unique cultural experience like no other cultural experience in the world. 

Ancak Sanji

For most Balinese Hindus, cremations or burials are the common way to honour the dead. However, in Trunyan Village, the funeral tradition is slightly different, to say the least. The dead are not buried or cremated as is generally the case in other areas of Bali, but rather, the villagers of Trunyan place their bodies on the ground, cover them with cloth, and arrange bamboo around them to form a prism.

Taru Menyan Tree 

Have you ever thought ? There is the most unique thing about the cemetery in Trunyan Village, although the corpses are lying on the ground to rot, but the corpses have no smell at all. This is due to the presence of the Taru Menyan tree that has existed since 11 centuries ago there. People believe that it is the Taru Menyan tree that keeps the corpses from smelling bad.