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Giri Putri Cave Temple 

Pura Gua Giri Putri is a temple within a limestone cave high in the cliffs on the east coast of Nusa Penida.

Puncak Mundi Temple 

Another beautiful temple is the Pura Puncak Mundi where the views are simply stunning. This place is the highest point of Nusa Penida, at some 521 metres above sea level. Pura Puncak Mundi is located in Rata, Klumpu Village, Nusa Penida.

Crystal Bay Beach 

Crystal Bay is the name of a secluded cove with a 200-metre stretch of sand on the west coast of Nusa Penida. Despite its isolation, the bay is quite accessible thanks to well-developed roads. Besides its beautiful, palm-fringed beach, the bay is best known as one of Nusa Penida’s famous snorkelling and dive sites.