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Silver Jewelry Making Class

A 6 hours class which include introduction to the basic jewelry making techniques - sawing, hammering, soldering, sanding and polishing. You will also learn granulation and filigree to create a more advanced design. 

The class will be held at SUNSRI Jewelry House

Establishing a new concept, SUNSRI House of Jewelry is offering an ultimate one-stop jewelry experience, product, and services through the jewelry museum in Bali, jewelry factory tour in Bali, jewelry gallery in Bali, jewelry making class in Bali program, and a full range of jewelry manufacturing services in Bali.

Since 1979 SUNSRI Bali Jewelry Manufacturer has been specialized in producing sterling silver, brass, and copper jewelry. Each and every piece of SUNSRI’s jewelry is crafted by highly skilled Indonesian designers, artisans, and technicians, and all are thoroughly inspected through a number of quality control stages by conscientious experienced artisans.