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Arrival at Medan airport meet service and then drive to Bukit Lawang

 Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang (Bukit Lawang Cottage / Rindu Alam)
Tirp to Bukit Lawang via Binjai and Kuala pass several plantations of rubber and oilpalm. Upon arrival in Bukit Lawang check–in hotel.

Location Bohorok, Langkat
Natural Surroundings Natural Surroundings Culture Culture

 Bukit Lawang – Brastagi

Bukit Lawang – Brastagi (Hotel Danau Toba Cottage / Sinabung Htl) (B)
After early breakfast 3 hours trekking in Leuser Park to see the orang–utans, afterwards drive to Brastagi with stop at Sembahe river and Sikulikap waterfall and visit Batak Karo traditional village at Peceren, and fruit market. In mid noon check in to hotel.

 Leuser Park Orang Utan Conservation (Bukit Lawang) 

Leuser Park Orang Utan Conservation (Bukit Lawang) 
After early breakfast 3 hours trekking in Leuser Park to see the orang–utans being kept safe and prepared for release back into their natural habitat

 Drive to Brastagi

Drive to Brastagi
At noon you leave for Brastagi, a cool and pleasant highland town. Here you can visit the famous fruits market and views two active volcanoes, Sinabung and Sibayak.

Location Berastagi, Karo
Natural Surroundings Natural Surroundings Culture Culture Village Village

 Brastagi - Samosir

Brastagi - Samosir
After breakfast drive to Parapat then crossing to samosir with ferry

 Sipiso - Sipiso Waterfall

Sipiso - Sipiso Waterfall
On the way visit Sipiso–piso waterfall, a 120 meters (360 feet) a plunge waterfall in the Batak highlands of Sumatra. Also take visit to the Rumah Bolon ( Long house ) the old palace of Batak Simalungun Kings

 Simarjarunjung​​​​​ hill

Simarjarunjung​​​​​ hill
Later make a stop at the Simarjarunjung hill for a breathtaking view of the lake toba


Samosir (Silintong Hotel/ Toledo Inn)
After crossing to Samosir Island by ferry boat from Parapat, head stairt to hotel for check in.

Location Dolok Pardamean, Simalungun
Natural Surroundings Natural Surroundings Culture Culture Village Village

 Samosir - Tomok

After breakfast head on a journey to explore the beautiful surroundings of Lake Toba by car and visiting several Batak Toba traditional villages :

  • Tomok
    a small village at Samosir Island tha serve as home to the old tomb of Raja Sidabutar.


Another exotic village that serve as excution place to Raja Sialagan.


Was formerly the home of Raja Simalungun, a Batak king, and his 14 wives. Now serve as a  museum to a collection of brass cooking utensils, weapons, sculptures and Batak carvings. A Batak Toba traditional dance ( Tor–Tor ) is also perform here.

Location Samosir, Smatera Utara
Natural Surroundings Natural Surroundings Culture Culture Village Village

 Samosir - Medan/Airport

  • Samosir to Medan/Airport
    After breakfast transfer from Lake Toba to Medan via Pematang Siantar with view of rubber, oilpalm and cacao plantations. Arriving in Medan proceed to airport for flight to the next destination. Tour ends.

Location Samosir, Smatera Utara
Natural Surroundings Natural Surroundings

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