Labuan Bajo

After meeting assistance at Labuan Bajo Airport then drives to Labuan Bajo harbor to get on board and sail to Rinca Island

Sabolon Island

Sabolon Island it has small beach but the underwater is spectacular, its best for even for diving, a lot of fishes and the coral reefs is healthy. The drop off reefs is the best part to snorkeling on this island.

Rinca Island

A small island near Komodo island, it is also a part of Komodo National Park.This 198 square kilometres (76 sq mi) island is a good place to see the Komodo dragon in its natural environment with fewer people to disturb them.

Get on an afternoon hiking trip on Rinca Island to hunt for the Komodo Dragon by your camera.

Kalong Island

A low-lying circular island measuring 500 metres across and appearing to comprise a core of taller trees surrounded by dense mangrove.

We will stay overnight on board on this island.  

 Padar Island

Padar Island, it offers spectacular view from the summit, do a 30 minute hike to Padar's summit to see a panoramic view of the island, a breathtaking view of the blue ocean and white sandy beach below

 Pink Beach

Lets set sail to the world famous Red Beach for snorkeling and swimming. It is popular with the color of the sand in pink and also stunning underwater life. Pink sand is formed from pieces of red coral. Located at the north east of Komodo entry point called Loh Liang, Pink Beach is one of a must-stop beach after trekking in Komodo Island.

 Komodo Island

Komodo Island has a surface area of 390 square kilometres and home to more than 1,700 Komodo dragons. The island  landscape is decorated with rusty-red volcanic hills, savannah and forests the perfect environment for the king of lizards.

Flying Fox Island Komodo

the island is home to thousands of Kalong, or giant flying fox bats. We will stay overnight on board on this island. 

Manta Point

Manta Point Swimming or snorkeling while touching Manta Ray does give a sensation of its own

Sebayur Island

the island is covered by green and shady hills. The beach offers white sand and the sea water is crystal clear. This small island has been chosen as one of the best sites for snorkeling

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