Cunca Wulang Waterfall

At 08.00 pick up from hotel and drive to Cunca Wulang Canyon. It is located 30km east of Labuan Bajo and nestled in a tropical rainforest setting, is one of Flores most striking spots for outdoor activities. Impressive waterfalls cascade into beautiful, fresh-water pools and lead into a series of smaller waterfalls and rivers a few kilometers downstream

Location & Highlights:
  • Hikking
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Waterfalls

Melo Village

The first place to visit, situated at mountainside of Mount Mbeliling it is an ideal place to can enjoy a spectacular view over to the Komodo National Park, to see chain of small islands with blue sea surrounding them.

Location & Highlights:
  • Cultural Attractions
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Traditional Village

Batu Cermin Cave

The sunlight that broke on the sidelines of the stone then reflected so give the impression of gloss on the stone. It also  offers views of fossil corals, turtles, and tortoises on the cave wall

Location & Highlights:
  • Cave