Day 1 Labuan Bajo - Rangko Cave

Upon your arrival at Labuan Bajo airport, we pick you up and straight to Rangko Cave, a secret place for great experience swim within a cavern that will make you feel as if you were thrown to the fantasies of fairytales. The stalactites are as fantastical as they can get, and the vibrant blue of the water are simply stunning to behold. This place is pretty difficult to get to with slippery grounds and walls on your way; but what you’ll find is going to be so worth it. Then check in hotel


Location & Highlights:
  • Cave
  • Lake
  • Natural Surroundings

Day 2 1D Komodo Tour by Fast Boat (Lunch box provided)

A full day trip visit the highlight of Komodo National Park. At 06.00 pick up from your hotel and drive to the harbor. On this day we will visit :

PADAR ISLAND, it offers spectacular view from the summit, where you can enjoy breathtaking view of the blue ocean and white sandy beach below.

TREKKING ON KOMODO ISLAND to find and captured the wild komodo dragons by your camera. You can also find spot other wild animals like snakes, birds, horses, and many more

PINK BEACH an exotic white sandy beach with beautiful underwater world best for snorkeling

TAKAT MAKASSAR offers beautiful beach and snorkeling spots. It features white and calm water. The island is also called the emerged land. Once you arrive at the island, you will be amazed by its beauty.

MANTA POINT Swimming or snorkeling while touching Manta Ray does give a sensation of its own

KANAWA ISLAND, located approximately 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo at the border of Komodo National Park, is considered to be one of Southeast Asia’s most idyllic islands, fully surrounded by a spectacular reef with thousands of fish species, turtles, corals, reef sharks, and mantas. A small hill in the middle of this untouched island guarantees a spectacular view over the national park and to Labuan Bajo Bay.

Return to hotel



Location & Highlights:
  • Beach
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Snorkeling
  • Wildlifes

Day 2 City Tour - Airport

A half day trip explore the city of Labuan Bajo

MELO VIEW POINT has a spectacular panorama view stretching from Labuan Bajo to the island of Komodo National Park. It also offers fresh mountain air since it is located on the side of Mount Mbeliling.

MIRROR CAVE  is one of the cave under the sea which is then lifted to the surface. The sunlight that broke on the sidelines of the stone then reflected so give the impression of gloss on the stone. It also  offers views of fossil corals, turtles, and tortoises on the cave wall


Location & Highlights:
  • Natural Surroundings


Meeting point : BANDARA LABUAN BAJO (penerbangan sebelum pukul 11.00) atau HOTEL (pukul 08.00)

Titik akhir : LABUAN BAJO AIRPORT (keberangkatan penerbangan setelah jam 16.00)

Yang perlu Anda BAWA :

  • Kain yang nyaman
  • baju renang
  • Sepatu yang bagus untuk trekking
  • Tabir surya
  • Kacamata hitam
  • Selimut & Jaket ringan
  • pengusir serangga
  • Jas hujan (di musim hujan)