Kuta - Candidasa - Tirtagangga - Tenganan Village - Goa Lawah

NOTE : This is not a self ride / rent, this is a tendem ride, you will not ride by your self a friendly and experince rider will take you on an enjoyable ride.

Cruising down the breathtaking eastern coastline of Bali, as you ride from the hustle and bustle of Kuta to the tranquil and amazing Candidasa on a tandem ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.

Candidasa - Bike Ride

Once arrived in Candidasa beach, take break, take picture on the Harley with the beautiful beach asbackground and enjoy the scenery accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea served with local snacks at one of beach front restaurant.

Location Candidasa, Karangasem
Beach Beach Natural Surroundings Natural Surroundings

Tirtagangga - Car Ride

The lavish water gardens owned by the royal Karangasem family feature 1.2ha of pools, ponds and fountains surrounded by neatly cut lawns adorned with stepping stones, ornate statues and tropical gardens.

The Tirta Gangga royal water garden is a favourite retreat in the regency of Karangasem, east Bali. It was built in 1946 during the reign of the late raja of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem (1887 – 1966). Tirta Gangga saw a series of restorations following the destructive hot showers of volcanic ash from the 1963 Mount Agung eruption.

Location & Highlights: 
Location Abang, Karangasem
Hindu Temple Hindu Temple  Bathing Pool
 Bathingpool Fountain fountain Relics Relics

Tenganan Village - Car Ride

Step back several centuries with a visit to Tenganan, home of the Bali Aga people – the descendants of the original Balinese who inhabited Bali before the Majapahit arrival in the 11th century. A visit here is one of Bali's most unusual – and authentic – cultural outings

 The village is surrounded by a wall, and consists basically of two rows of identical houses stretching up the gentle slope of the hill.

Location & Highlights: 
Location Karangasem
Village Hindu Temple  Culture Culture

Goa Lawah (Bat Cave) - Car Ride

Pura Goa Lawah is one which is considered the most sacred temple in Bali.
It's situated in the Pesinggahan village , District of Dawan, Klungkung regency, or approximately 49 kilometers from Denpasar. This temple is located to the left of the road to Padang Bai, or several miles before entering the area of Karangasem.

This temple called Pura Goa Lawah because in it there is a large natural cave inhabited by thousands of bats. In the Balinese language, the word Lawah means bats. But in terms of religion, the existence of a bat that has nothing to do with what is revered Hindu community in Bali.

Opposite the temple lies beautiful beach with black sand along the bali coastal area.

Location & Highlights: 
Location Pesinggahan, Klungkung
Hindu Temple Hindu Temple  Cave Cave  Beach Beach