Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu, also known as Coban Sewu, is a tiered waterfall that is located between the Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency, and the Ampelgading District, Malang Regency, in East Java, Indonesia. The waterfall is overshadowed by Semeru, an active volcano and the highest mountain in Java. As the name implies, Tumpak means water flow and Sewu means a thousand. Tumpak Sewu means a thousand streams. The reason is, the many streams of water that fall are seen covering the cliffs. However, the main source of flowing water comes from the brown Glidik river.

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marker Tumpak sewu waterfall (Google Map)
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Bromo mountain

Located some 4 hours drive from Surabaya, the capital of East Java, Mount Bromo is a part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park that covers a massive area of 800 square km. While it may be small when measured against other volcanoes in Indonesia, the magnificent Mt Bromo will not disappoint with its spectacular views and dramatic landscapes. At 2,392 meters tall, Mt Bromo is not among the tallest of Indonesia’s mountains but its stunning beauty lies in its incredible setting. (

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marker Bromo mountain (Google Map)
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Ijen mountain

located on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency of East Java, Indonesia. The beauty of Ijen Crater has been recognized across the world. In March 2016, this magical lake has been included in UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserves. When you arrived here after walking through a road surrounded by lush greeneries, a refreshing chill breeze will greet you right away. The air around Ijen Crater normally will reach about 10 degrees celsius daily. Sometimes, it might even hit 2 degrees celsius. In the day, the mesmerizing sight of sunlight radiating a turquoise lake enveloped with smokes will give you an everlasting impression (

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marker Ijen (Google Map)
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Day 1 Rundown

Pick up from Malang Train Station and take around 2 hours drive from Malang to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. Explore tumpak Sewu with our guide. In the afternoon we will drive to Cemoro Lawang (Bromo)

Day 2 Rundown

- Pickup by Jeep to enjoy sunrise from Pananjakan at 03.30 AM

- After enjoy the sunrise (around 06.00), we will drive down to mt Bromo.

- around 09.00 back to hotel, have breakfast at the hotel, packing and drive you to Ijen

Day 3 Rundown

- Morning pick up and drive to Paltuding Post. From here we will trekking to Ijen crater (3km walk)

- Enjoy Ijen Crater

- Afterward, we will drop you to ferry station to Bali