Benang Stokel and Kelambu Waterfall

Fresh and cool water falls from 20 meter high trough the steep rock face, covered by the variety of vegetation; the moss, forming lush green wall till the raft where lies small valley for bathing. The waterfall consists of several small waterfalls coming out from the trees and cliffs forming a waterfall curtain, around 40 meters high. You can walk under the waterfalls and play hide-and-seek behind the trees. PLEASE BRING CHANGING CLOTHS N GOOD FLIPPER

Location & Highlights: 
Location Central Lombok
Natural Surroundings Natural Surroundings # Waterfall

Location & Highlights:
marker Benang Stokel & Kelambu Waterfall (Google Map)
  • Forrest
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Waterfalls

Perama Ning Puspa

PERAMA NING PUSPA an eco-green tourism park in Suranadi, Lombok. Located in West Lombok Regency, with beautiful view of rice field surrounded by lush green protected forest. It is a fun and educational sight perfect for family members.  With a beautiful botanical collection of exotic plants and flowers, the park offers an unforgettable

view and experience. Through this park, Perama also aim to help Suranadi Village in becoming a self-sustain tourism village. Therefore Perama join hand in hand with the local community to achieve the goal, a better future for all. By joining this program you will also participating in the social program (part of Perama Center Corporate Social Responsibility)  as 20% of corporate profit goes it.


Location & Highlights:
marker Perama Ning Puspa Suranadi (Google Map)
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Traditional Village

Lingsar Temple

LINGSAR TEMPLE is considered as a symbol of harmony between Hindu Bali Lombok and Islam Sasak Lombok. Pura Lingsar is not a purely Hindu temple. It represents a blending of the Hindu tradition with Wektu Telu, a religion practiced by the Sasak people, Lombok's natives. Pura Lingsar is famous for a pool of water in the Wektu Telu area, sacred to the deity Vishnu. This pool is home to a family of holy eels, who can be lured out of their hiding spots with hard-boiled eggs. The Pura Lingsar houses sacred Rinjani stones and a well with water that comes directly from the mountain springs. The water is pleasantly cool and offers you a nice refreshment.


Location & Highlights:
marker Lingsar Temple (Google Map)
  • Architectures
  • Hindu Temple


Tour start at 08.30 return at 16.30

Pick up and meeting point in Senggigi or Mataram. 

Please bring Changing Cloth and Good flipper.