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Volcano Explorer Tour 

Schedule : 08.00 & 10.00

Tour Duration: 1.75 – 2 hours

Using 4WD car visited lava cave to found an incridible lava field that can only be described as "Lunar" and see the Kintamani bats that different from other type of bats. Enjoy the natural air of mount batur with facilities and accommodation that will certainly satisfy your heart during your tour, and if you pick the Hot Springs option,You can feel the minerals in the water as you relax away those tired muscles and order yourself a Pina Colada from the bar without getting out of the pool.

Frozen Lava Field

As a result of the eruption of Mount Batur which occurred in 1996, it made lava flows hot around kintamani to hoard batur village. Now the traces of his legacy are the hallmark of the journey to Kintamani. Lava Garden is formed from a hot incandescent lava clot flowing down from the frozen peak of Mount Batur to form a black rock.

Kintamani Bats 

See the Kintamani Bats. Unlike other bats that hide in the darkness, these bats are huddled together in the open on a cliff side and under a ledge which makes for great viewing and educating the kids.