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Aling Gorge Canyon operated by Bali Adventure & Spirit

Canyoning is one for the most exciting adventure activities out there. A sport that involves the descent of a stream, river or gorge using rope techniques and a combination of elements such as rappelling, jumping, sliding, swimming, down climbing, trekking and zip lining, canyoning can be experienced in all 5 continents.

Aling Gorge operated by Bali Adventure & Spirit features lots of jumps, wonderful rappels as well as massive natural pools of clean water, all of which in a wild and unique environment. It’s a canyon with plenty of water, lots of swimming, steep volcanic walls all along the way. The famous “Bat Cave” section, where hundreds of these creatures fly high above your head, is sure to leave you speechless.

Get the most wanted aquatic experiences :

  • Rappels: 10x (up to 40m)
  • Jumps: 9x (up to 14m, optional)
  • Slides: 3x (up to 12m, optional)
  • Swim: up to 50m