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Maya Dewa Canyon operated by Bali Adventure & Spirit

Canyoning is one for the most exciting adventure activities out there. A sport that involves the descent of a stream, river or gorge using rope techniques and a combination of elements such as rappelling, jumping, sliding, swimming, down climbing, trekking and zip lining, canyoning can be experienced in all 5 continents.

Experience some of the most amazing waterfalls in Bali in our exclusive Maya Dewa canyon operated by Bali Adventure & Spirit ! Maya Dewa counts with 5 high-vertical rappels up to 35 m and includes Bali’s ONLY and longest waterfall zip line (50 m long).

Get adventurous experiences :

  • Rappels: 5x (up to 35m)
  • Zipline: 2x (up to 50m)
  • Jumps: 1x (up to 3m, optional)
  • Slides: 2x (up to 12m, optional)
  • Swim: up to 15m
  • River trekking: up to 20min