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Elephant Mud Fun

Elephant Mud Fun, offers a morning fun and excitement, allowing you to get down and dirty with friendly Sumatran elephants while also discovering all about their behaviour and lifestyle from the experienced mahout handlers. Upon arriving at Bali Zoo’s Kampung Sumatra area around 8AM, you’ll receive a brief introduction to the programme while enjoying a complimentary snack and coffee or tea. An English-speaking will then tell you about the gentle giants you’re about to meet and interact with. The staff will also provide you with a selection of fruit for feeding.

At 9AM, the mahout will escort you to the river bank, introduce to free-roaming elephants and invite you to play, feed, interact and take photos with them. Here’s the fun starts! Take your shirt off for the elephant spa time! Get covered in mud along with your new elephant friends who love getting dirty. During the fun experience, you will learn interesting fact that basking in the mud is the elephant’s way to keep their body temperature cool, especially in summer months.

After the mud fun, you will walk with the elephants down to the nearby clean and fresh water of River Wos. Enjoy the last session of fun together with the elephant with splashing, bathing, and scrubbing down activities. Once the elephants are clean, take some final photos for memento as you will be escorted to the zoo area for a shower and relaxing lunch.

Children Policy :

For safety reasons minimum height requirement for children is 120 cm.

Children under 120 cm are not allowed to enter mud fun area. 

If booking exceeds 20 people buffet lunch will alternatively be served.

Bali Zoo does not provide babysitting services. Parents are responsible for their own kids who are left behind at the restaurant during the program


What to bring :

(Bathing suit; sunscreen; insect repellent; walking shoes / sandals; change of clothes)



Elephant Mud Fun is closed every 27th & 28th of the month for regular pool maintenance and replacements of new mud.