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Dolphin Interation at Dolphin Lodge Bali

Get ready to get wet !

You will be standing on a platform of about 1.2 meters in depth where our dolphin will come near you. Here you will be interacting with our friendly dolphins, like touching, hugging, petting, feeding our dolphin and even getting kisses from them. Apart from these activities, our dolphins will perform tricks for you. You will be accompanied by our experienced dolphin’s trainers and these friendly mammals will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and gentleness. You will gain a deeper understanding of marine mammals and enjoy a special closeness with them.

Chosen Pick Up Time : 08.15 ; 09.30 ; 12.30 ; 14.00

Minimum booking : 2 people


  • Bring your swimwear.
  • DO NOT apply any type of tanning oil or sunscreen before entering the water.
  • Do not bring any food and drinks into our sea pen.
  • As there is no toilet in our sea pen, participants are advised to use our toilets first at our transit place before going out for the program.
  • There are freelance photographers onboard our sea pen to capture your experience. You can purchase of your photographs directly from them.