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Ubud Sang Spa - Holistic Package

This special treatment for healing to self development and beyond, nourish your body, mind and soul. Ubud Sang Spa therapst will take care of you and revitalize your essential being during 330 minutes treatment package. This package includes Traditional Balinese Massage, Body scrub+mask, Facial Treatment, Hair SPA, Manicure & Pedicure.

Traditional Balinese Massage a full body massage combines stretching, long strokes, skin rolling and palm and thumb pressure techniques.

Body Scrub helps to rejuvenate the skin by exposing the smoother and supple layer of skin after removal of the dead skin layer. It is an experience that can lift your mood and affect your outlook.

A facial is a multi-step way to take 360-degree care of your skin. Our trained therapist will pumper your face to keep it healthy and free of skin issues.

Hair Spa is a therapy that is essential maintaining a healthy growth.  It is basically a procedure that helps to make your hair strong, bouncy and shiny.

Pick up Time : Please choose your preferable time from 09.00 to 11.00