Destinations Gallery


Open Sea Walker

See the wonders of the ocean up close and personal, with the underwater seawalker! Enjoy a safe and fascinating underwater walk on the ocean bed and witness the vibrant marine life swimming around you. In this experience, you will don a helmet with a transparent visor that will allow you to breathe normally while underwater. Weights will help to pull you down to the ocean bed, and an experienced guide will walk with you.

Duration : 30 Minutes


An exciting way to experience the thrill of high speed water sports without the need for special skills or training and as such is popular with all ages and types. With the rubber ring is tethered to a power boat then towed at high speeds across the wates, an absolute fun !

Duration : 1 Round

Fly Fish

Hang on tight and experience flying in the air on this flying fish water sport ride! You will begin by lying down on the flying fish craft, then a speedboat will pull you out to sea. The speed of the wind will cause your flying fish craft to fly in the airs.

Duration : 2 Fly