Destinations Gallery


Open Sea Walker

See the wonders of the ocean up close and personal, with the underwater seawalker! Enjoy a safe and fascinating underwater walk on the ocean bed and witness the vibrant marine life swimming around you. In this experience, you will don a helmet with a transparent visor that will allow you to breathe normally while underwater. Weights will help to pull you down to the ocean bed, and an experienced guide will walk with you.

Duration : 30 Minutes

Banana Boat

Up to 5 people can ride on the banana boat together so you can enjoy with your friends and family! A banana boat is a long banana-shaped inflatable craft that you can sit on while being pulled by a speedboat. Expect wind in your hair, splashes of sea water, and loads of fun!

Duration : 1 Round

Jet Ski

Feel refreshed with high speeds on the sea, as you ride and have your very own James Bond moment! An instructor will ride with you for your own safety. Solo rides are also available, but please ensure that you have jet ski experience & do note that insurance is not covered in the fee.

Duration : 15 Minutes