1.100.000 IDR p.p
( minimum 2 people)

Includes :
* Driver speaking
* AC coach
* Ferry Ticket

Excludes :
* Entrance Fee
* Accommodation
* Insurance
* Personal Needs, Meal
Ijen Bromo Tour
Kuta – Sempol – Ijen Plateau – Cemoro Lawang – Mnt.Bromo – Probolinggo – Jogja
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The Ijen Plateau
Is a large upland area which includes the peaks and foothills of Mt.Ijen, Mt.Raung, Mt.Suket and Mt.Merapi plus several smaller peaks. The highlight of this area is Ijen crater lake, a large crater lake atop a dormant volcano. The color of the lake is astonishing. A combination of the yellow sulfur and the brownish–red rocks surrounding makes a beautiful blue greenish lake.
There are some access to the crater, but most people start to hike from Pal Tuding. From this point we need to hike for 3km or 90mins uphill through the forest.

Mount Bromo or Gunung Bromo
Is one of Indonesia´s most breathtaking sights. Among the major peaks in Indonesia, Mt. Bromo is located on the 2.392m high above sea level. Mt. Bromo is apart of Tengger – Semeru National Park. The steaming cone of Bromo stands in a sea of ashen, volcanic sand, surrounded by the towering cliffs of the crater´s edge. There are some peaks at this national park, and Mt. Semeru is the highest peak and one of the most active volcanoes.
Mt. Bromo is reachable by walking down the crater wall and across the desert for about 3km to the slopes of Bromo. After passing 253 steps, the steaming, sulphurous guts of the volcano can be seen from the lip of the crater. Instead of walking down, riding horse is another alternative to reach the crater.

Throughout this program, Perama offers a combination of shuttle bus service between Bali – Ijen Plateau – Mt. Bromo – Jogjakarta and tour for seeing the crater of Mt.Ijen and Mt. Bromo. The program covers transportation from Bali till Jogjakarta.
Kuta Bali – Sempol
Leave Kuta Bali at 10.00 for driving you to Sempol village for stay overnight. We will reach the village around 18.00. The driver will drive you to your hotel or assist you to get your accommodation.
Sempol Village – Pal Tuding – Ijen Crater Lake – Sempol – Cemara Lawang Village
At 04.00 drive to Paltuding as the entry gate to Ijen crater lake. The path heads steeply uphill through the forest. After 45mins walk, the path splits. The best route is to the right leads to the crater rim. After a while you will be 200m above the lake. You may walk along the top of the crater or descend to the edge of the lake.
At 09.00 leaving Paltuding for Cemara Lawang village. We will reach the village around 20.00. Our driver will drop you off at your hotel or will assist you in finding your accommodation for this night.
Mt.Bromo – Cemara Lawang Village – Probolinggo – Jogjakarta
At 04.00 a.m one of our staff will lead you to the entry gate for walking down the crater wall. You just need to follow the white stone markers to reach the volcano.
After the sunrise and heading back to Cemara Lawang, at 09.00 a.m we leave Cemara Lawang for Probolinggo then to Jogjakarta. We will arrive in Jogjakarta around 21.00. The driver will drive you to your hotel or assist you to get your accommodation.
Ends of trip.