Cabin : 4.500.000,– IDR p.p ; VALID FROM MAY 2013
Deck : 3.000.000,– IDR p.p
Includes :
Full board buffet
Embarkation fee , entrance fee, and donation fee
Welcome / farewell dinner on board
Use of canoe, fishing and snorkeling equipment

Facility :

Cabin :
Room with fan ( based on sharing ), towel, blanket
free 1 coke, 1 beer, 1 large mineral water, and snack /day

Deck :
Foam, mat, pillow

Note : schedule can be change without any prior notice due to unforeseen weather circumstance or other safety reason
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Hunting Komodo by Camera 0102 4N 5D
Lombok – Perama Resort – Satonda – Komodo Island – Labuan Bajo – Rinca Island – Moyo Island – Kramat Island – Lombok
1 2 3 4 5

Day 1
Senggigi/Mataram – Perama Docking – Perama Resort
Depart from SENGGIGI (09.00), from MATARAM (10.00) by PERAMA bus to Labuhan Lombok.

On the way make some stops to visit traditional villages to see people´s daily life and traditional markets. MAS BAGIK is one of Lombok´s main pottery – producing village with old traditional Lombok design, PERAMA DOCKING – see how people build a traditional phinisi boat and enjoy banana fritter served by Haji Materu.

On the way to Kayangan Harbor we pass KAMPUNG PADAK, a fisherman village which is developed to become a tourist object by Perama Center.

Take a walk along a short trail to see the panorama of fisherman village with their daily life, outrigger boats, traditional docking, old harbor, and view of the top of Mt.Rinjani.

Get on board, have lunch, then sail to Perama Resort – a small island with white sandy beach, turquoise water with coral reefs & colorful fishes completed with a spectacular view of Mt. Rinjani. On the way see traditional fishing boats along Lab. Lombok harbor .

(15.00) Arrive at Perama Resort for such activities as swimming, snorkeling, playing volley ball, seeing sunset. Perama invites you all to be involved in the coral replantation activity. Enjoy fish barbeque dinner and dancing/ singing together around bonfire.

(21.00) Leave PERAMA Resort with nice memories on night sailing to Satonda Island.
Day 2
Satonda – Donggo
(07.00) Arrive in Satonda island – a beautiful small island with a salt water lake inside. Go ashore, then led by the guide do a morning exercise.

Afterwards, go sightseeing around the island, hiking, bird watching and swimming on the lake. Back to the boat, then have breakfast while sailing to Tanjung Batu Besar for snorkeling and other activities.

(17.30) Leave Donggo on night sailing to Komodo Island. Dinner on board.
Day 3
Komodo Island – Pink Beach – Labuan Bajo
(08.00) Arrive in Komodo Island – the main highlight of the program. Have breakfast, then go ashore for HUNTING KOMODO by CAMERA. Led by two rangers walk through the jungle to find the Komodo dragons as well as enjoy the island´s mesmerizing flora & fauna.

(11.30) Leave Komodo Island to Pink Beach – an exotic white sandy beach with beautiful underwater world best for snorkeling. Have lunch on board, then sail to Labuan Bajo.

(16.00) Arrive at Lab. Bajo for some extra programs such as walk around the town, see sunset and get other interesting activities.

(19.00) Get on board for a lively FAREWELL PARTY with activities like dinner, entertainment by the crew and share experience .

(23.00) The party ends and the west–east guests (HKC 01) leave the boat with a thousand memories of the happy ending trip.
Day 4
Labuan Bajo – Rinca Island – Gili Laba
(05.00) Depart from Lab Bajo to RINCA ISLAND. At 06.00 you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise view from the boat. Breakfast on board.

Rinca is the second biggest island of the Komodo National Park. This place is not only home to Varanus Komodoensis but also home to wild animals such as Sunda deer, wild buffalo, wild boar, the macaque monkey, wild horses and snakes. It also offers a more natural situation.

From Rinca the trip continues to GILI LABA for swimming and snorkeling. Then, sail west to MOYO Island – a nature reserve.

On the way we stop for dinner on board at WERA.
Day 5
Moyo Island – Keramat Island – Senggigi/Mataram
(08.00) Arrive in MOYO. After breakfast, get ashore and walk past Labuhan Haji Village to a water fall. Along the way see the local people´s daily activities. Laze out and swim on the fresh water pool of the water fall .

(12.00) Leave Moyo, have lunch on board while sailing westward to Keramat Island. Upon arrival, jump for the brave or use the speed boat to cross to Keramat Island for snorkeling or swimming.

This is the last activity of the HUNTING KOMODO BY CAMERA program. After the program the boat sails back to Labuhan Lombok. Upon arrival at Labuan Lombok harbor, have a farewell dinner on board, then leave the boat for a bus transfer to MATARAM or SENGGIGI.