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Country Side Tour
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Day 1
Loyok Village
Loyok and its surrounding area is famous for bamboo crafts and is the center of bamboo handicraft in East Lombok.

Many local designs are created by skilled craftsmen working studiously each day on an amazing array of products such as hats,basket ware, rice buckets and fish bowl.

The products are sold in place and are also exported to all over Indonesia and offshore

It is noted for its fine handicraft, particularly basket ware and weaving with natural fiber materials, like bamboo and grass.
Day 1
A village of traditional hand weaving cloths, with silver thread and other special ornaments are on hand loom in pattern.

This village is known for its traditional woven cloth. Tenun Gedongan still produced on old looms by skilled villagers the cloths are well known because of their natural look and attract interest from overseas.
Day 1
Mas Bagik
Large town, with one of the biggest mosque on Lombok. It has a busy local market on the main road east there is a constant supply of skinned pineapples on sale.

On this village at list on the Pemepak Village you can see pottery makers painstakingly molding vases, jugs and plates in exactly the same way as they have been crafted for centuries.

Only done by women, the pottery is all shaped by hand without the aid of a potter´s wheel. There are also numerous traditional looms producing varieties of hand–woven materials of very good quality.
Day 1
Lenek Village
Located to east of Mataram, approximately 75 kilo meters to the west east of Lombok.

The Lenek Village is famous for its traditional Sasak dance and is also home to the silver leaf monkey.

In this Village visitors can also buy a number of keepsakes that the villagers produce. The performance of The traditional dances are: Kecimol dance (special for offering some sweet or snack and combined By music instrument), Prisean dance (traditional fighting of two men, each using rattan stick Gandrung (a special dance to show how couples love each other)
Day 1
Perama Resort – Gili Kondo / Bagik
A beautiful small island with white sand beach, ideal to see sunrise, sunset, and a mountain view.

A variety of colorful tropical fishes and coral reefs in the island´s water make it an exceptional place for snorkeling.

With two existing bungalows, you have a chance to sleep while tasting the pure quietness of the island.
Day 2
Limbungan Village
Situated to the east of Mataram, the village is one of the very traditional Sasak villages in Lombok Island which lies on the slope of Mount Rinjani with approximately 700 meters above sea level.

The Village is very unspoiled by modern lifestyle and one of the heritage site for Sasak culture and Passed down from generation to generation. This village is divided into two native Sasak culture (North and South Lombok culture) and has been composed of traditional houses.
Day 2
Located about 8 km to the east of Masbagik. This is one of the most populous towns in East Lombok Regency. Like other towns in Lombok, Muslim majority also inhabits this place.

There is a complex of Islamic school where various normal–school activities are mixed with religious activities that therefore obligate the students to live in the dormitories (asrama)
Day 2
This is a traditional Sasak village where we can see Sasak houses and women who still wear the traditional dresses.

The villages of Rambitan and Sade are situated about nineteen kilometers South of Praya, in Central Lombok. Despite catering to many visitors, these traditional thatched architectural designs of the dwellings with their soaring roofs. In their beautiful settings, surrounded by hush rice fields, these villages also offer visitors the opportunity of trying their hand at weaving gedogan using simple looms.

In the village of Rambitan, the forts mosque ever built in Lombok. Masjid Kuno is on the top of the hill. The mosque is made of bamboo, coconut wood and alang–alang.
Day 2
Kuta Lombok
on the south coast, is behind Senggigi Beach in development, but still has a good variety of accommodation and restaurant.

Kuta, about 45 km (28miles) from Cakranegara or one and half hour´s drive from Senggigi, has an expansively beautiful white sand beach and is a good base for exploring the stunningly beautiful southern coastline.