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Sasak Country Side Tour
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Mandalika Market
It is the central market in town where you can find traditional matters of Lombok.

Nearby, there is a big bus station for all destinations : Lombok, Sumbawa, Bali and Java.
Karang Bayan Village
The traditional village of Sasak Lombok which originally came from the northern coast of Lombok

A little north of Lingsar, Karang Bayan is a traditional village, which produces a range of basketry product.

It has the oldest mosque on the island, Mesjid Kuno. Nearby are old wooden houses
The traditional pottery center in east Lombok
Loyok Village
Loyok and its surrounding area is famous for bamboo crafts and is the center of bamboo handicraft in East Lombok.

Many local designs are created by skilled craftsmen working studiously each day on an amazing array of products such as hats,basket ware, rice buckets and fish bowl.

The products are sold in place and are also exported to all over Indonesia and offshore

It is noted for its fine handicraft, particularly basket ware and weaving with natural fiber materials, like bamboo and grass.
Tetebatu Village
A pleasant holiday resort 40 km to the east of Mataram. It is located at the foothill of Mt.Rinjani, with cool weather, fresh air, and is surrounded by rice fields and forests.

Tetebatu village is situated on the slopes of Mt. Rinjani. The views of these awesome giants are breathtaking.

Treks in Rinjani foot hills and through the rice fields or tobacco plantations are popular activities for those visiting Tetebatu. People also like to see the local waterfalls and there are several home stays, cottages, restaurants and small hotels.
A village of traditional hand weaving cloths, with silver thread and other special ornaments are on hand loom in pattern.

This village is known for its traditional woven cloth. Tenun Gedongan still produced on old looms by skilled villagers the cloths are well known because of their natural look and attract interest from overseas.