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Mt. Agung trekking will give you a holly experience to trek on the holiest mountain in Bali. Leave from Kuta at 23.00 a.m. to Pasar Agung. It takes 1Ĺ hours. Leave from Pasar Agung at 01.30 a.m. up to the top of Mt. Agung. It takes 3 Ĺ to 4 hours at a normal condition. We climb in the darkness to get to the top. There are 3 trek points go to the top.
Pasar Agung–Telaga Mas Temple
We walk past a tropical forest which takes 1Ĺ hour. It is a pretty steep trail. You have to be ready with this hard start.
Telaga Mas Temple–Buffalo Stone
This trek is normally covered in 1 hour and still pass tropical plantation. Here, similar to the first trek, you will walk pass a pretty steep trail with loose volcanic sand and stone. This is a more challenging trek .
Buffalo Stone–Summit
It takes about 1Ĺ hour or less depending on your spirit and condition. Itís a great trip. You have to creep and use your two hands to help your moving. Donít try to stand upright. Youíll walk along the stone and sediment of lava that become as hard as the stone itself.
When arriving on the summit overlooking to the east is a spectacular view of the sunrise and Mt. Rinjani. If we look on the west side there appears the view of Mt. Batu Karu, one of the holiest mountains in Bali Island.
What To Bring
* Changing clothes
* trekking shoes
* sun lotion
* sweater
* rain coat
* hat
* flash light